Jenna Vinson

Assistant Professor of English, UMass Lowell

Invited Presentations and Workshops

Keynote Presentations

“Changing the Culture: Moving from Stigma to Support in Working with Young Families.” Keynote Presentation for Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s Grand Rounds. Boston, MA. Mar. 2018.

“Defining Our Successes Means Defining Our Obstacles.” Keynote Presentation at Summit for Teen Empowerment and Parenting Success (STEPS). Northeastern University. Boston, MA. July 2015.

“Re-Producing Pathologies: The Problems with the Stories We Tell about Teen Moms in Pregnancy Prevention Campaigns.” Invited Presentation for Baruch College Public Affairs Faculty Research Seminar. New York, NY. April 2014.

“Youth-Centered Action Research: Fostering an Inclusive Civil Discourse.” Keynote Presentation at New Start Academic Conference with Londie Martin. Tucson, AZ. July 2011.

Guest Lectures

“Discussion of Embodying the Problem: The Persuasive Power of the Teen Mother.” Invited Presentation for Dr. Thomas Piñeros Shields’ Youth and Society undergraduate course. UMass Lowell. Sept. 2018.

“Activist Scholarship.” Invited Participant in Interdisciplinary Roundtable Panel Discussion for Dr. Urmitapa Dutta’s Community Psychology Graduate Course. UMass Lowell. Oct. 2017.

“Busting Myths about Teenage Pregnancy.” Special Presentation for Dr. Maureen Kelly’s Adolescent Development Course in Family Studies. University of Arizona. Mar. 2011.

“Teen Moms in the Media: Gender, Race, and Class Stereotypes.” Special Presentation for Dr. Marissa Juarez’s Freshman Composition Course. University of Arizona. June 2010.

Community Workshops

“How to be an Effective Teen Parent Ally.” Workshop for nonprofit youth-organization representatives attending the Annual Summit for Teen Empowerment and Parenting Success (STEPS). Simmons College. June 2017.

“‘Aren’t You Too Young to Be a Parent?’: Dealing with Confrontational Strangers and the Myths of Teenage Pregnancy.” Workshop for young parents. June 2016 at Simmons College. See the collaboratively written open letter drafted during this year’s workshop here:

“‘Aren’t You Too Young to Be a Parent?’ Dealing with Confrontational Strangers and the Myths of Teenage Pregnancy.” Co-facilitated with young parent ambassador Louisha Laguerre at Northeastern University. July 2015.

“How to Write the College Application Essay.” Writing workshop for Lowell High School students in the Gear Up Program, with Dr. Matthew Hurwitz. July 2014 and July 2015.

“How to Write a Resume.” Workshop at Teen Outreach Pregnancy Services. Tucson, AZ. January 2012.